Nusa Penida is one of the three Nusa islands in Indonesia. Penida island is the biggest out of the three islands and was the least developed island until recently. This island is a new up and coming attraction amongst people that travel to Bali since it’s located about an hour East of Bali. You can only access this island by boat. When you are in Bali you shouldn’t miss out on this island and here is our guide to Nusa Penida island:

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Explore Nusa Penida Island

There are many ways to explore this island, but the best way is a one-day tour or a three-day trip. There are so many one-day tours to this tropical island. We decided to do a one day trip to Nusa Penida Island known as the West Trip.

This West Trip tour includes hotel pick up and drop off, a boat ride to and from the island, transport on the island, and lunch. The West Trip explores the West Coast of the island which includes the following places on Nusa Penida:

  • Broken beach.
  • Angel Billabong.
  • Kelingking Beach
  • Crystal bay.

1-Day Guide to Nusa Penida Island, Indonesia

The trip starts with pick up from your hotel and arriving at Sanur harbour around 8:30 AM to depart to Nusa Penida. The boat trip from Bali to Nusa Penida is a short 35-minute boat ride. We have to tell you that at the harbour all the boats leave at the same time. This means that you might have to sit on the boat in the swells for some time. If you are prone to get seasick, take seasick tablets before you leave.

As you arrived at the Nusa Penida harbour, they will call your name and direct you to a driver. This driver will take you around the island for the day. Getting around the island is an adventure in itself. The roads are thin, twisty, bumpy and busy, and the drivers aren’t scared to drive fast.

Here are each of the different attractions you will visit on this one day trip:

Angel Billabong and Broken Beach

Angel Billabong is a natural infinity pool. You can swim in this infinity pool during low tide. Please be careful, strong waves come over the edge of the natural infinity pool and can easily throw you into the side of the rocks. If you do want to swim here we would recommend staying on the island for a night or two as you will not have enough time to swim during a day trip.

Angel billabong is a naturally made infinity pool due to strong currents.

Right next to Angel Billabong you will find Broken Beach. Broken Beach got its name because over the years the strong water current carved out the mountain and over time created a beach in the middle of this beautiful mountain. Unfortunately, you can’t go to the actual beach because the strong water current makes it too dangerous. You will be able to walk around the carved mountain while taking pictures and taking in the beautiful views.

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Lunch on Nusa Penida island

Lunch is included in the price you paid for the tour. You will have a choice between the different meals on the menu and water for free. If you want anything else, you will have to pay extra. They give you a lot of time to eat and relax before going to your next location.

Fried rices lunch with delicious smoothies

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is easily the most well-known beach on this island, if not in Indonesia. After a 5 minute walk from the car park, the bushes open up and the sight is breathtaking. You will be right at the top of a cliff with Kelingking beach below you. With a white sand beach and blue water, this beach won’t disappoint. Unfortunately, during the one day tour, you won’t have enough time to walk down to the beach but looking at the beach from above is spectacular enough. If you do want to walk down to the beach, we recommend doing a 3-day tour or staying on the island and exploring it during your own time.

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Crystal Bay

Crystal bay is the first place where you will be able to swim on a 1-day tour. This peaceful bay has crystal clear water with only small waves breaking on the sand. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a swim or to relax on the beach. Expect many people to be on the beach, but there is enough space to swim and relax. After about an hour on the beach, your driver will take you back to the harbour, where you will catch your boat back to Bali. The boat trip back to Bali and the hotel drop off is also included in the tour.

Good to know before going on a Nusa Penida Trip.

  • A 1-day trip to Nusa Penida can cost anything from 700,000 IDR to 1,250,000 IDR.
  • Because of its natural beauty, Nusa Penida is getting noticed all over the world which is the reason why tourism is increasing.
  • New gravel roads are being built all around the island but the roads are very narrow and aren’t wide enough for two cars.
  • We don’t recommend people with neck or back problems doing this tour due to the bumpy roads.
  • Taking a motorbike can be done but it’s not a good idea if you are inexperienced.
  • If you are planning on booking a night or two on Nusa Penida we do recommend booking in advance due to high demand.

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