Bali is one of the most popular destinations to travel to in 2019 and its popularity is still rapidly growing every year. After years we finally got the opportunity to travel to Bali, and we were so excited. Once we were here, we weren’t disappointed at all. Bali is best known for its beautiful beaches, and it’s so easy to see why they are absolutely stunning. As soon as we arrived, we knew that we wanted to do some beach hopping and that is exactly what we did. We haven’t gone to all the beaches, but out of the ones we’ve been to, here are our top 10 favourite beaches in Bali.

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Top 10 beaches in Bali that you will love

All hotels on Bali Island, Indonesia.

10 Beautiful beaches in Bali

1. Suluban Beach

This beach is the most beautiful in Bali for us. As you take the stairs down to the beach, you get greeted with these beautiful cliffs on each side that has been carved out for years by the water to create this beach known as Suluban. It truly feels like something out of this world. It’s great for both swimmers and surfers. During low tide, the water pulls back, and the coral allows for this beautiful pool of still water to be formed, which is completely separated, from the waves that you can see in the distance. You can either swim or surf without having to worry about the other. It makes for some awesome pictures as the water is crystal clear. The only thing that is a let down with this beach is that you can’t come here during high tide, because the whole beach gets covered with water. The water rises so high that it isn’t safe to swim here anymore because of the rocks around the beach. Make sure you go during low tide for the best experience of this beautiful beach.

2. Dreamland Beach

When you come to this beach, you can see why this beach has the name Dreamland beach. This place is so tranquil and stunning that it might feel like you are dreaming. The beach is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rocks. The water is a beautiful light blue colour, making it a perfect location to relax at the beach or surf. Dreamland beach is mainly for surfers because there are big waves, but if you are in the mood for an adventure then you can enjoy a swim here. On the beach is a beautiful restaurant where we enjoyed some lunch with our feet in the sand. This might not be the best beach for swimming but you won’t regret enjoying a cocktail, beer or snack while being entertained by the surfer’s tricks.

3. Nusa Dua Beach

This is the best swimming beach that we could find here on Bali island. With its crystal clear blue water and white sandy beach, it’s truly something out of a magazine. The lounges, bars and restaurants make this beach a perfect day out. There are only small waves here, so there aren’t many surfers and no matter high or low tide you will be able to enjoy a swim. The only downside of this beach is that it can get very busy but there is a reason why. There are also some luxurious resorts right on the beach perfect for those holiday goers that just want to relax.

4. Kuta Beach

This is the most well-known beach in Bali. Kuta is perfect for all surfers. From beginners to pros, you will find them all here. If you want to learn how to surf, then this is the best place to do that. There are places all along the beach where you can rent a surfboard or find trainers to teach you how to surf. It’s not the best swimming beach, but you can swim there if you are brave enough. There is beautiful hotels, malls, markets and restaurants that surround Kuta beach. With everything that is surrounding Kuta beach, it can sometimes be very busy, especially around sunset time. Many people flock to Kuta as it’s one of the best places on the island to enjoy the sunset.

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5. Samuh Beach

This beach is the perfect beach to swim and relax. With only the occasional small wave, it’s like swimming in a pool. The water is crystal clear, and the blue water makes it a beautiful beach. Unfortunately, there are many luxury resorts along most of the beach, so unless you are staying at one of the resorts, you won’t be able to use the beach loungers. Also, bring some food and drinks with you as the only places to buy something to eat and drink are the luxury resorts which can get very expensive. This beach is so clean and beautiful and perfect for a day in the sun.

Samuh Beach on Bali Indonesia

6. Keramas Beach

This beach is a must-visit when in Bali. It’s so unique and not something that you see every day. What makes this place so special is that the sand on the beach is black in colour. It isn’t from pollution but rather because of the volcanic rock. Bali has two big volcanos and a lot of black volcanic rock. It’s amazing seeing a black sand beach, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss out on. Many beaches in Bali are black sand beaches, but this is our favourite.

black beach of keramas beach, Bali

7. Thomas beach

Many people that come to Bali don’t even know about this beach. It will be a bit of a walk to get to this beach and you will have to take a lot of stairs down to the beach. The road to this beach isn’t that nice, so you will have to park far away from where the stairs begin. From the parking, you will walk for about 5 minutes to get down to this beautiful beach. From the top of the mountain, you can see all the coral in the water. Thomas beach is known for snorkelling and we were so surprised by how relaxed we felt the moment we got down to the beach. With the beautiful mountains behind us and this calm sea in front of us, we couldn’t help but spend some time here. We didn’t have any snorkelling gear, but it was low tide, so it wasn’t needed. We could see every fish and every sea creature. Luck was on our side as we saw a seahorse. If you enjoy snorkelling, you should visit this beach.

8. Nyang Nyang Beach

This beach has become Insta famous because of the shipwreck. Many people use it as a backdrop for their Instagram pictures. This untouched beach is stunning, but we should warn you, getting to this beach is harder than you might think. The car park is on top of the cliff, and the beach is a good 30-minute walk down the cliff. Bring lots of water and be ready for a walk! When you are at the beach, there are a few places where you can buy drinks and you can also rent an umbrella. This isn’t a good beach to go into the water but it’s worth it for the pictures and seeing this amazing beach.

9. Jimbaran Beach

This beach is the best beach to enjoy the sunset. The water at this beach isn’t the cleanest, and the reason for this is because it’s located close to the airport. You can still swim here, the waves are small, and there aren’t any rocks. Along the beach, there are many bars and restaurants, so enjoy a nice day at the beach. Overall, this isn’t the best beach in Bali during the day, but at sunset, this beach lights up in an orange-pink colour, making it beautiful. The beach is long, wide, and flat a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. The beach becomes very busy during this time, so get there early to get a good seat.

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sunset on Jimbaran beach on Bali island

10. Tegal Wangi Beach

The location of this beach is very remote, and it will take you some time to get here. There aren’t many people around, but it’s popular among the locals. This beach is the best for taking pictures or having a picnic as you can enjoy the view. Swimming isn’t allowed at this beach. It’s too dangerous because of strong currents and too many rocks around. If you do plan on coming here, pack some food and drinks, and make sure you’re going only during low tide.

The word “Pantai” means beach, so if you see a Pantai on a sign, then that’s a beach. We haven’t been to all the beaches in Bali, but these are our favourites out of the 21 beaches we have visited. We also noticed that many beaches in Bali aren’t swimming beaches due to two things: rocks and surfing. Some beaches have too many rocks in the water to swim safely. Other beaches have big waves and are popular for surfing, but not swimming. Overall, Bali is an amazing place that is so peaceful and beautiful.

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