Southeast Asia is home to 11 incredible countries, beautiful natural wonders, and countless ancient treasures. These countries include Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, East Timor, Cambodia and also Brunei. In these extraordinary countries, you can discover high mountains, big cities, large temples, the tallest buildings and last but not least beautiful natural wonders. Its tropical climate, have indeed allowed some of these countries to become very popular tourist destinations.

The spirituality and peace of Southeast Asia are truly powerful. This can be felt in the locals who are taking part in their long-honoured rituals. You can also see this in the carvings covering temples or in the harmony of nature. Everywhere in Southeast Asia are new landscapes, climate and communities all waiting for the greet travellers with open arms. Furthermore, these countries will give a new meaning to ‘adventure’ and ‘paradise’.

Interesting Facts about Southeast Asia

  • The population of South East Asia altogether is close to 600 million people. However, a fifth of the 600 million people is living on the island of Java, Indonesia.
  • Vietnam is the largest exporter of coffee, after Brazil.
  • Vietnam stretches around 1700 km from the North to the South. The narrowest area is located near the centre of the country and is only 50 km wide.
  • The Angkor Wat temple of Cambodia is in fact the largest known temple on earth.
  • The country of Indonesia has over 15,000 islands.
  • Malaysia has a plant species that grows the world’s largest leaves. It can measure up to 3 x 2 m long.
  • The most popular drink in Myanmar is actually tea (both black and green).
  • In Thailand, Buddhist is the national religion where the country has over 30,000 temples.

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