Thailand is known for its natural beauty. If we think of some of the most beautiful places in Thailand, Erawan Waterfalls has to be up there with the best. Erawan Waterfalls is a bit of a hidden gem in Thailand. These beautiful waterfalls are located in the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi Province. It’s relatively close to Bangkok and a must-visit if you have the opportunity. Here is everything you need to know about the Erawan waterfalls.

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Erawan National Park: The Best Waterfalls In Thailand

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Where is the Erawan National Park located and how to get there?

Erawan Waterfalls is located inside Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi province. Kanchanaburi is about a 2.5-hour drive northwest of Bangkok. Erawan National park is about 1 hour from Kanchanaburi town.

There are many different ways to get from Bangkok to Erawan National Park. You can take a bus, minivan, taxi, train or your own transport.

Taking a bus to Kanchanaburi

There are buses that go directly from Kanchanaburi bus station to Erawan National Park. So the best option here is to take a bus from Bangkok’s Southern or Northern bus terminal to Kanchanburi, and then from Kanchanaburi bus terminal to Erawan National Park.

Make sure that you ask what times the buses leave Erawan National Park to not miss the last bus back to Kanchanaburi. You can also take a minivan from the Bangkok Northern Mochit bus terminal.

Taking the train to Kanchanaburi

There are trains that run between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi however these trains don’t go to Erawan National Park. The best will be to get off the train by the Bridge over the River Kwai and then take a taxi to the bus terminal and from the bus terminal take a bus to Erawan National Park.

Train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi in Thailand

Taking a Private Taxi to Kanchanaburi

If you are 4 people or fewer, you can also get a private taxi from Bangkok to Erawan National Park. This is probably the easiest way apart from driving yourself since the driver can take you straight to the park and anywhere else you would like to go.

There are also day tours to Erawan national park from Bangkok. This is an amazing option if you don’t have a lot of time or don’t feel like struggling with all the buses and so on. Book a day trip to Erawan National Park here.

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What to expect at Erawan National Park and the Waterfalls?

Erawan Waterfalls is a 7-level waterfall. At each level, there is a beautiful waterfall to admire and swim at. From the ticket office, it’s a 2 km hike to the 7th level so in total it’s a 4 km hike. Level 7 is the furthest you can go.

The walk to the top is fairly easy since you stop quite often to look at all of the different levels. Each level is more beautiful than the last and many aren’t just one waterfall but multiple waterfalls. You can spend hours exploring all the levels.

The easiest levels to get to are levels 1,2 and 3. After this, it will require some climbing which can be difficult for older people, young children and others who aren’t healthy, but overall it’s a fairly easy hike.

Erawan Waterfalls and national park

What makes Erawan Waterfalls so special is the water. It’s crystal clear and blue in colour. This is very unique because the waterfall is located between mountain ranges and in the forest. It looks like something out of a movie, something made up or even something edited on Photoshop.

There is also plenty of wildlife in the area however it could be challenging to spot them since many people pass through the area but not impossible. The path to the top is in good condition and the hike isn’t challenging.

Since the waterfalls are located in the forest there is a lot of tree cover over the path providing a lot of shade.

At levels one and two there are places to buy food, drinks and snacks. There are also toilets, showers and changing areas. Past this point, there are no more shops and toilets.

Since most people enjoy coming to the national park for picnics and lunch you can also find picnic areas by level one.

Don’t forget to rent a lifejacket at level 1 if you want to swim at any of the waterfalls, there is no other place to get them and from 2021 you aren’t allowed to swim in the pools without lifejackets.

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7 Different levels of the waterfalls

Here is a little teaser of what you can expect at each waterfall level.

Level 1: Lai Kun Rang

Distance from the beginning: 500 meters

first level of the waterfalls at Erawan national park

Level 2: Wang Mat Cha

Distance from the beginning: 600 meters

Second tier at the beautiful Erawan Waterfalls in Kanchanaburi Thailand

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Level 3: Pha Nam Tok

Distance from the beginning: 700 meters

Man admiring the Third tier at the beautiful Erawan Waterfalls in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Level 4: Oke Nang Phee Sue

Distance from the beginning: 1,050 meters

fourth level at the Erawan Waterfalls

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Level 5: Buar Mai Long

Distance from the beginning: 1,550 meters

fifth level at the Erawan Waterfalls in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Level 6: Dong Pruk Sa

Distance from the beginning: 1,750 meters

Sixth level at the waterfalls in Erawan National park in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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Level 7: Phu Pha Erawan

Distance from the beginning: 2,000 meters

Seventh tier at the beautiful Erawan Waterfalls in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Can you swim at the Erawan waterfalls?

Yes, you can swim at Erawan waterfalls however, you need a lifejacket. If you don’t have a lifejacket, the national park guards will order you to get out of the water.

Most people prefer to swim at levels one and two. There are other great pools to swim at such as levels three and seven. However, you can’t swim at all levels.

Swimming will also depend on how strong the water is flowing and how much water there is in the pools.

When you are getting into the water, the fish will swim up to you and nibble or suck your skin. Don’t be alarmed, it doesn’t hurt at all but it’s very ticklish. The rocks are also slippery so just be careful getting in and out of the pools.

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Why do we think Erawan Waterfalls is the best waterfall in Thailand?

What sets Erawan apart from the rest of the waterfalls in the Kingdom is its clear blue water. Normally waterfalls don’t have such an inviting blue colour and there are many pools to swim in and relax at.

Also, the sheer number of different waterfalls is impressive. At some levels, such as level 6, there are so many waterfalls that they built a walkway so you can see the falls from all angles.

Talking about the path, we are so impressed at how well it’s made and how much easier the hike is because of it. This makes it more family-friendly and enjoyably.

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The best time to visit Erawan National Park.

The waterfalls are beautiful to visit all year round but the best time to visit Erawan Nation Park is from November to February. This is after the rainy season in Thailand so the waterfall will flow well and the pools will be filled with water. The higher the water level of the waterfalls, the bluer the pools are.

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What to prepare for a visit to Erawan Waterfalls?

Here are some essential things you need to bring to the Erawan National Park and the Waterfalls.

  • Good walking shoes. The hike to level 7 isn’t challenging but wearing proper shoes helps a lot.
  • Bug spray/ Bug repellent. You will be walking through the jungle so many bugs and mosquitoes are in the area.
  • Water, preferably in a reusable bottle. Thailand has a hot and humid climate and you will sweat a lot so make sure you keep yourself hydrated.
  • Towel and Swim Suit. This is only for people who want to swim. You can get changed into and out of your swimming suit at level 2. After level 2 there are no bathrooms to get changed in.
  • Camera. This place is so beautiful that it’s almost impossible not to take beautiful pictures.
  • Money. To pay for the entrance fee and buy food or snacks at the National Park.

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Opening times and entrance fee for Erawan Waterfalls

Erawan National Park is open every day from 08:00 to 16:30. Times may change when there are public holidays and the park may close during parts of the rainy season so check in advance.

The entrance fee for foreigners is 300 Baht for adults, 200 Baht for Children (4 to 14 years old) and free for those under 4 years old. For Thai locals, the entrance fee is 100 Baht for adults and 50 Baht for children. Cars are 30 Baht and motorbikes are 20 Baht.

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