So in the previous blog, we wrote about the town of Hua Hin. Now we want to tell you more about the people we referred to as the “Heroes of Hua Hin, Thailand”. During our stay here, we were lucky enough to visit Rescue Paws and the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation. We were so amazed by the work these people do, and we felt the need to acknowledge them.

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The Heroes of Hua Hin Thailand

Rescue Paws

One of the biggest problems that Thailand is currently facing is the number of stray dogs in towns. “The reason why Thailand has so many stray dogs is because of their beliefs. In the Thai culture, they believe that all animals have a spiritual animal that lives inside of them. By putting an animal down, they kill the spiritual animal that lives inside”. (This isn’t a fact this is just something that came up while asking around about all the stray dogs). When the dogs get sick, most of the owners can’t afford the medical treatments that the dog need. But they also can’t put the dog down because of their culture and beliefs. So they believe in setting the dog free.

So let’s address the question on everyone’s mind: ‘What happens if the dog doesn’t die but recover from its illness?’ Yes, good question. That’s the reason why the streets of Thailand is full of stray dogs and cats. Most of these animals end up recovering from their illness and then live off the street. It’s sad, but they learn to survive and even reproduce, which just increase the population of stray animals.

a rescue dog that lost it legs but can now live happy at Rescue paws in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Rescue Paws is a non-profit organisation in Hua Hin that doesn’t just take stray dogs and cats off the street, but also improve the welfare of these animals by educating people and sterilizing the animals. They currently have 12 kennels, a clinic and a play area for the animals. Their main purpose is to sterilize the animals and reduce the stray animal overpopulation in Hua Hin, Thailand. Although Rescue Paws would like to rescue all the stray animals they don’t have the facilities for that right now.

What Rescue Paws have done so far:

  • 1129 sterilisation.
  • 4473 Vaccination and deworming.
  • 9320 IVM and blood parasite treatments.
  • 5203 Medical care.
  • 181 Program volunteers.
  • 242 Adoptions.

Rescue Paws need help from the public, so if you are interested in volunteering or donating, please visit their website at https://www.rescuepawsthailand.org. You can also donate money by buying something to drink from a small coffee shop called Wagging Tails Café. They donate all the profit they make to Rescue paws. This coffee shop is located in Hua Hin Town at the following address 11/43, 11 Soi Hua Hin 87, Nong Kae, Amphoe Hua Hin, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand.

Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

Elephants are a very popular attraction among tourists that visit Thailand because of elephant trekking activities. But when these elephants get old or ill, and they are unable to work the owners will abandon them. The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation in Hua Hin helps abused and abandoned rescue elephants in Thailand. This foundation taught us about all the elephant abuse that there is in this beautiful country that we are unaware of.

Elephant trekking in Hua Hin Thailand.

Elephants that they use for elephant trekking or animal shows have to be trained. The trainers and staff use a Bullhook to control and train the elephant. This hook is made from steel that’s attached to a wooden handle. It’s used to cause pain and intimidate an elephant by inserting it into the elephant’s anus, around their eyes, on their trunks and behind the ears, because elephants are very sensitive in these places. Some of the trainers will hit the elephant with the wooden side, which causes internal bleeding and bruising.

Elephants are very smart animals and will quickly learn to behave the way the trainer wants. Even though they learn quickly, they still don’t deserve to be treated this way. The Bullhook and also the gear they use during trekking activities hurt Elephants. After a few years, this can cause serious damage to the elephant’s back because the back of an elephant isn’t built to carry that weight.

How the Hutsadin Foundation Change Lives

The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation provides elephants with the opportunity to live a life that’s healthy, free of work and pain. The elephants get a lot of love and care from the people who work at this foundation. They live in an environment that’s cage-free. They sleep in a secured place every night due to poachers but otherwise, the elephants are outside all the time. This non-profit organisation has 15 paid staff members that are all locals, the rest of the staff are volunteers. The foundation has to purchase the elephants to provide them with a better life and it is expensive. This organisation needs outside donations, not just money but food as well. An adult elephant can consume around 136 kilograms (300 pounds) of food every day. If you are interested in donating, volunteering at this organisation please visit their website at  https://www.hutsadin.org/projects.

“We vow to never ever visit an elephant trekking park”. – Chané and Jonathan

Hopefully, if you ever get the opportunity to visit one of these amazing organisations you will be just as touched as we are. We can’t change the world on our own but we can change the world when we all stand together.

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