We have to admit, when we had to decide where we wanted to go for new years weekend, Pattaya was not our first choice.  But since we were already in that area we decided to celebrate New Year here. And who isn’t intrigued by this new tourist attraction in Pattaya City, Thailand?

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celebrating new year in Pattaya City, Thailand

Pattaya City surprised us. We expected parties all night long, dirty streets and what else but we didn’t expect what we got. There was a big debate between whether to stay in the North or the South of Pattaya City. We ended up staying in the North of Pattaya because the middle of Pattaya City is so expensive. We can’t speak for the Southside, but the North was a nice choice.

You can take a bus from The Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to the Pattaya Bus station for 108 baht p.p. From the bus station, you can take a Songtauw to your hotel. The price depends on your location. We enjoyed sightseeing during our ride to the City Garden Tropicana Condominium where we decided to stay. This isn’t the best option for holiday goers, but it’s a really beautiful condominium. Everything was brand new and clean, it does provide you with everything you need except for the beach or swimming towel and there isn’t a restaurant close by.

condominium with pool in Pattaya City, Thailand.

The closest beach to us is Wong Ammat beach. Out of the three days that we spend time at the beach we were only able to swim in the see one of those days because the sea wasn’t that clean. The sea isn’t as blue as you would hope a Thailand sea to be but it’s still a nice place to relax. With beautiful restaurants right on the beach, it provides the perfect atmosphere for paradise on a budget.

Chane and Jonathan enjoying the beach

Terminal 21 Mall caught our eye we just had to go see what this interesting looking mall is all about. Every floor is decorated with a different theme, what an amazing Mall. Can you Guess the theme?……. A different country for each floor and how amazing it was. You arrive in Paris, where you then depart to London where you can enjoy some shopping. After London, you take the escalators to Italy. Tokyo is next on the list of destinations and by far our favourite floor. After you did your sushi run the last destination is San Francisco. Here you can enjoy an amazing sunset from the viewpoint.

We had to go see what Pattaya Walking Street is all about. And when better to do this than on the last day of 2018. Getting to this walking street is easier than we ever expected. You can just jump on the blue songtaew and it takes you to the Walking Street. Not just from the North but the South as well and it will only cost you 10 baht p.p. The walking street is a street filled with basically just bars, small shops, and strip clubs.

We found it to be very similar to Bangla Road in Phuket, nothing better nor worse, but the same. Celebrating the new year on this street was an unbelievable experience. The count down to 2019 was by far the highlight of the night. Starting the new year with thousands of people around and a fifteen-minute fireworks show. Going back after everything was an adventure by itself. It took us one hour to complete the normally ten-minute walk from the start until the end of the Walking Street. And the original half an hour drive from the Walking Street to our condominium took us an hour. With all the crowds of people around it just made it impossible for us to enjoy leaving. Other than that it was a long but enjoyable night.

Our conclusion about Pattaya City is that it’s a place that you can miss out while visiting amazing Thailand. You might as well go to Bangla Road in Phuket and you can enjoy better beaches. One thing that we recommend is the Terminal 21 mall. If you have some extra money, the extra time and nothing else to do.  We are very happy that we got the opportunity to visit this tourist attraction.

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