What comes to mind when people say Thailand is beautiful beaches, paradise, parties and of course Phuket. We had the opportunity to visit Phuket during July and what a trip that was. This was one of those trips that we will never forget. Here is our adventure of Phi Phi island and Phuket in Thailand

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Our Trip to Phuket, Thailand

When we arrived at the bus station on an early morning in July, we were so excited. We are finally heading to the mountainous island everyone talks about in the South of Thailand, Phuket. Phuket is an island and isn’t attached to the mainland of Thailand. You can easily get to Phuket island from the mainland.

Public transportation in Thailand is really good and reliable. Most of the people in Thailand will use public transport. This was one of the most interesting bus trips we have ever had. The ticket showed it will be an 8-hour bus ride to Phuket, but unfortunately, it turned into an 11-hour trip. The first reason for this was because the bus stopped at all the small bus stops next to the road. Second, the Thai military pulled us over to check for illegal foreigners in Thailand.

This wasn’t an issue for us of course but they did take three people off the bus due to suspicious behaviour and luggage. When travelling through Thailand please always make sure that you have a legal visa. Third and lastly, just an hour away from Phuket a passenger on the bus had a seizure. The bus pulled over and we waited until an ambulance could come to pick up the guy. We know this was all unexpected events and most people will have a comfortable and fast trip

We finally arrived in Phuket and went straight to our Hotel. For this trip, we stayed in ‘The Ashlee Plaza Patong Hotel and Spa’. They offered a free shuttle that you can take to the famous Patong Beach and the Mall.  But Phuket has so many hotels to pick from that you will easily get a wonderful place for your budget.

4 Island Day Trip from Phuket, Thailand

woman swimming by the beautiful ocean of Phi Phi island

We had to go to the famous Phi Phi island and decided to see a few islands in one day. Going to an island during monsoon season isn’t a good idea. Thailand’s monsoon season is from May until October. We decided to do a four islands tour but unfortunately, we were able to stop at only two islands due to the monsoon season. We stopped at Koh Phi Phi and Koh Khai Nai (Egg island).

beautiful limestone cliffs by Phi Phi island in Phuket, Thailand

At Koh Phi Phi we had a wonderful buffet lunch after a good middle of the ocean snorkelling experience. When you visit Phuket or Krabi this island is a must-visit. We had lunch and a few minutes to swim in the most beautiful blue water we have ever seen. After almost missing our speedboat because time got away for us it was time to head to Koh Khai Nai.

a couple enjoying a snorkeling trip close to Phi Phi islands.

Koh Khai Nai is a small island a few minutes from the shore of Phi Phi island. It was amazing taking an afternoon swim in the sea and being surrounded by schools of fish. It wasn’t a long time before we had to head back to the mainland.

Bangla Road (The Party Street of Phuket, Thailand)

One thing we haven’t touched on yet is Bangla Road. This place comes alive as soon as the sunset and the moon start peaking out. If you enjoy drinking and having a good time in a bar, this is the place to be. Bangla Road can’t be explained, you have to experience it for yourself to know what we are talking about. We wouldn’t recommend taking kids here because of all the naked shows they try to sell you. This road has some amazing restaurants, bars, and markets and it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Unfortunately, it was time for us to head back home. We arrived at the bus station just after 9 o’clock as our bus was supposed to leave at 10 o’clock. 10 o’clock came and nothing, then 11 o’clock and as noon arrived we wondered whether we missed our bus. The lady at the ticket office said that our bus is late and we should just be patient. So 2 o’clock came and finally our bus made it and we were off. We made the long drive and arrived in Chumphon just after midnight. It was a trip that we will never forget.


Phi Phi island and Phuket is a places you have to visit when you get the opportunity but it isn’t a true reflection of Thailand. Thailand is friendly, innocent and affordable. Phuket is made for tourists and it’s an amazing place.

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