One of the most exciting things before going on holiday is packing your bag. What do you take and what do you leave. When we started travelling the hardest thing for us was packing our bags, but the more we did it the more we realised what was important and what was less important. Here are 6 tips for how to pack the perfect holiday bag:

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6 tips for packing the perfect holiday bag

6 Tips for Packing the Perfect Holiday Bag:

1. The Baggage Policy Of Your Airline

Before you start packing the perfect holiday bag, always make sure that you know how much weight and luggage you can take on the plane so you can pack accordingly. This information will be provided by the airline, and it can be found on your air ticket or on the airline’s website.

This will ensure that you don’t overpack because you know the weight limit and you will avoid any additional charges for overweight bags once you are at the airport.

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2. Always Use Zip Lock Bags

We all travel with some sort of liquid in our bags. So to prevent these liquids from leaking out and getting all over everything, put them in some zip lock bags.

The air expands once the plane is at 35,000 ft, but the bottles don’t. The change in pressure causes the bottles to either open or explode. We would recommend taking a few extra zip lock bags with you just in case you need more or in case your zip lock bag breaks.

These zip lock bags can also be used to put your shoes in so they don’t make your clothes dirty.

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3. Don’t pack hair shampoo and shower gel

So many people pack these two items when they travel, and they normally just pack the big bottles that they have at home.

To save space and weight, remember that most hotels give you shampoo and shower gel. If you don’t like what they give you, then you can always buy small bottles of what you need at your destination. Most countries have convenient stores, so you don’t need to bring these products with you.

If you want to use a specific product and you are scared that you might not find it in the convenience stores at your location, then pack small bottles of what you need and bring just enough for the duration of your trip.

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4. Always Pack a First Aid Kit

Maybe it’s just us, but we always seem to need a first aid kit and we realised that it’s something many people overlook or forget about. You don’t need a big fancy kit, just a basic one with the essentials in it is more than enough.

We pack a small first aid kit that only contains the following: plasters, antiseptic ointment, pain medication, Salvon or any antiseptic, cotton, stomach medicine, and for those times we know we are going to swim in the sea we pack a 100 ml bottle of vinegar. Vinegar help with jellyfish stings.

always have a small first aid kit while traveling

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5. Make Sure You Always Have Extra Space In Your Bag

This tip is very important because you will bring things back from your trip. Whether it’s clothes or souvenirs we always buy things while travelling and you will need space to pack them.

So instead of having to throw things out or pay extra, make sure there’s extra space in your bag for the things that you might buy.

6. Always Do Research On the Weather

Researching the weather of the destination you are going to will help you to know what to pack. You don’t want to pack sundresses and t-shirts when it’s going to be cold and freezing.

Knowing what the weather is going to be like will help you pack the right things and ensure that you don’t waste space with clothes you won’t need.

Opening a perfectly packed holiday bag

Let us know if you found any of these tips helpful. Also, share your packing tips with us in the comment section below.

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