We were first-time travellers once, and it was one of the scariest and most exciting things we have ever done. Travelling for years now we have learnt a few things that made travelling easier for us. Here are a few travel tips for first-time travelers:

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1. Stay Hydrated on the plane

This is a very important thing. It might sound like common sense, but it’s so hard to keep hydrated on planes. Airlines don’t give you a lot of liquids during your flight. So our advice is to buy some drinks at the airport that you can take on the plane with you. You can ask the shops at the airport if you will be able to take the drinks on the aeroplane. Most shops will be able to place your drinks in a sealed bag that you can take through customs. If you think that buying drinks at the airport will be too expensive, then you can rather buy some electrolytes that you can find from most pharmacies. Or you can take a look at our second tip.

2. Always carry a water bottle.

This is something that we only learnt recently but wished we knew before we started travelling. At customs, you won’t be able to take through any liquid over 100ml. So how many 100ml bottles should you take to stay hydrated 20, 400, 3000? Well, don’t stress, because we got you covered. You aren’t allowed to take any liquid, but no one says that you can’t take through empty bottles. Most airports have a water refill station. So you can take through your empty water bottles and refill them once you are through customs.

a reusable water bottle to use on the plane for all travelers

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3. Do an online check-in

This is something that you can easily forget about. It’s so important, and you will save so much time once you are at the airport. You don’t want to stand in a very long queue just a few hours before your holiday start. So why don’t you skip out on the queue and rather enjoy a drink? It’s so easy to do an online check-in through your airlines’ website, and it will only take you 2 minutes. All you need is your passport and name. Make sure that when you do the online check-in, all the information that you put in is 100% correct. This will be the information that’s on your ticket and many airports won’t allow you to board the plane if your information is wrong.

two first time travelers doing an online check in for their flight

4. Memorise your flight number

This will only work if you did an online check-in. The moment you get to the airport, you need your flight number. To see where you have to get your ticket. Then you also need to know where your gate is and so much more. Don’t be that person that carries a whole folder filled with paper. Don’t be that person that’s frantically searching for their phone and then having to go through 50 emails just to find your flight number. Memorising your flight number will just make things easier and less stressful.

a flight board with different flight numbers on it

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5. Keep your passport safe but close by.

Your passport is the one thing that you will need the most when you are travelling. You should keep it safe but keep it close by. You will be asked for your passport a lot when going through security, shopping duty-free and boarding the plane. So keep it in a place that’s easy to get to. So you don’t have to unpack your whole bag to get it out. Make sure you don’t lose your passport because losing your passport is one way of ruining your holiday.

passport and flight ticket should be kept close by, the perfect tip for first time travelers

6. Wear comfortable clothes on the plane

We all want to look good while we travel, but there is nothing as upsetting as having to sit on an 8 or 18-hour flight, and you are cold or uncomfortable. Wear closed flat shoes, wear tracksuit pants, wear pyjamas, or wear what makes you feel comfortable. You might think that people care about what you look like, but the truth is no one will even notice. We all want to be comfortable at the end of the day. All aeroplanes have a bathroom, so take some nice clothes with you in hand luggage if you want and do a quick change in the bathroom before you get off the plane. If your flight is only 2 or 3 hours you can dress in your best clothes, but for those long flights, try to be comfortable.

first time traveler waiting at the airport for his plane to arrive

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7. Get a Simcard

This helps us so much because we don’t have to depend on wifi. Being in a foreign country, you don’t want to be stuck somewhere without the internet. Sim cards are normally inexpensive and will help you so much. You will be connected no matter where you go. Jumping from Wifi hotspot to Wifi hotspot is annoying so save yourself the worry and invest in a Sim card. Most of the time you can get a sim card for only the time that you are there.

a sim card that can be used in a phone

8. Know what you want to experience

Before you travel to any destination, the best thing you can do is to go on the internet or Pinterest and research some things to do at your destination. This help to determine where you should stay or how you should plan your days. One thing we always do when we travel to a place that we haven’t been before, we google; ‘Things to do in ____’. We mark all the attractions on our google maps. This makes it easy to see in which area of the town we should stay. We want to get the most out of our trip. By doing this we can stay in a hotel that is close to most of the attractions. We don’t end up wasting too much time travelling and spend more time doing.

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This will also give you a good idea of how many days you will need for your holiday. If you only want to see 2 things, then you only need 1 day. If you want to see 12 things, then you might need 4 to 6 days. This is something so easy and basic, but it will help you so much. We don’t say plan out your whole trip before you go. Stay flexible as you never know what the weather will be like or if there will be something else that you might want to see, that you overlooked.

to do list for your trip

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9. Make sure your bank cards work abroad.

Do you want to be stuck in a foreign country with no money? We don’t think that will be very enjoyable. Contact your bank and inform them that you will be travelling to a specific country. Ask them if you will be able to use your card in that country. Most of the time you don’t even have to go into your bank branch. You can just give them a call. It does, however, depend on the bank that you’re banking with. It’s also very important to carry some cash with you from the country that you are travelling to. Just in case your card doesn’t work at your destination then you will at least have some money while you are trying to make a plan.

with draw money from an ATM and put it in your wallet

10. Stop stressing

Stop stressing so much and have fun. It’s your holiday and your time to relax. You aren’t the first person to ever travel, thousands of people travel, every day. Most things that you might stress about will already be sorted out by this time. There will be taxis to transport you to your hotel or around. There will be restaurants to eat at and so much more. It’s normal to stress about the unknown but remember to relax and make the best of every minute.

first time travelers having fun in the sun on holiday

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