Over the last couple of months, we have been thinking a lot about what travelling will look like after the lockdown. This is probably the first time in a very long time that travelling has come to a standstill and no one knows for how long this pandemic will last.

Most countries around the world have been on lockdown for months now, but we are slowly seeing some countries opening up for the sake of business at least. Leisure travel is still on halt for now.

flight coming in to land at the airport
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We know that airlines and hotels all around the world have been working to implement new measures to protect guests and be sure to limit the spread of the virus. With all these measures in place, we think that travelling will look significantly different when the times come to travel again.

What we think travelling will look like after lockdown


Many airlines in the industry have already made significant changes to their onboard experience for all passengers. And most of these changes will become the norm.

  • Masks will become mandatory. In many countries, it’s mandatory to wear a mask when you are out in public. Certain airlines also made masks now mandatory onboard for both the cabin crew and passengers. You will have to wear your mask for the whole duration of the flight and will only be allowed to take it off when you are eating. In some airlines, the cabin crew get provided with masks, eye shields, gloves and in some cases even hazmat suits. This is to limit the spread of the virus.
  • Mandatory health screenings. Many airlines have already implemented health screening processes to ensure that passengers don’t show symptoms like a fever, cough or other flu-like symptoms upon entering the airport. Some airlines will require you to get a fit-to-fly certificate from your general practitioner before your departure date. Certain airlines can require you to get a Covid-19 test done no more than 72 hours before boarding time.
  • Contactless check-in. Many airports already started to implement machines that provide self-check-in services even before COVID-19. These machines will become available in all airports in the future and this will be the only way to check-in. They do this to reduce physical contact between passengers and airport staff.
  • Reduced passenger loads. Airlines will encourage social distancing on flights. Airlines have reduced their maximum capacity of passengers that are allowed on the flight by completely blocking out the middle seats. This allows for more social distancing among passengers during the flight.
  • Airline tickets might increase. Since airlines are reducing the numbers of passengers they take on a flight this could possibly lead to an increase in the prices of airline tickets in order to make the flights routes still profitable. However many professionals predict that airline prices can decrease in order to increase demand since many airlines have taken some financial strain during the lockdown period.
  • Reducing In-flight services. Airlines will be doing this to limit the interaction between passengers and the crew. Many airlines have completely stopped in-flight entertainment and even stopped serving meals during flights. Some airlines pre-packaged kits that contain meals and beverages. All of this is done to limit personal contact during the flight.
In-flight entertainment in an airplane
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As many airlines are making changes during this period so are hotels. This is what we think staying in Hotels will look like in the future:

  • Hotels will reduce capacity. Many hotels have already started implementing processes where they only rent out certain rooms on the floor. This will allow for more physical distancing and this will also allow them to have more time to do thorough cleanings in between guests.
  • Fewer hotel facilities will be available. Hotel restaurants are closed and some hotels are refusing that guests use the pool and other facilities on the hotel grounds. Housekeeping has also stopped in order to limit contact between the staff and the guests. We don’t know if this will be forever but for now, this is reality.
  • Temperature checks will be mandatory. Hotels will do temperature checks upon check-in. Certain hotels will even require you to do a daily temperature check.
All the hotel rooms on one floor of the hotel.
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Travelling has undoubtedly changed due to Covid-19 and it will probably be a long time before we can all be out there exploring the world again. This doesn’t mean we should stop travelling totally. This is the perfect time to see all the beauty your own county has to offer. The main goal now should be to stay healthy and protect those around you.

Like we said all the information above is based on our own personal thoughts and opinions on what travelling will look like after lockdown. If your opinion differs from ours please let us know by leaving a comment below. We will like to know what you think will be different.

Are you hesitant to travel abroad or are you eager to get back to it? What are your future travel plans?


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